What Two Popular Movies Taught The World About Adoption

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Adoption is an important issue throughout the world, but the numbers are staggering right here in America. Right now as you read these words, an estimated 102,000 children are waiting to be adopted throughout the United States. Although most people are aware of adoption and the need for parents to step up to the plate by taking a child into their home, many (even couples who value adoption) often pursue the interest of having their own biological children first. Because of this, it becomes easy for a visible need to fall to the back burner, and then into obscurity altogether.

In recent years, however, Hollywood has given us vivid and emotional reminders of the power of adoption through the medium of animated film. Continue reading to see how two popular animated movies gave the world a heart for adoption once more:

Despicable Me

A movie featuring the voice of Steve Carell about a super villain and a group of hilarious "minions" hardly needed help to score big numbers at the box office when it debuted in 2010. While Despicable Me had no trouble getting the attention of children across the globe, it also had no problem getting into the hearts of millions due to a primary storyline about Gru adopting three girls.

Throughout the movie, Despicable Me taught the world about adoption-- and what began as a simple scheme in another super villain plot turned quickly into real love, and viewers felt the same tug on their heart for the three orphans as Gru did.

Additionally, the sequel showed viewers the importance of parents in the life of an orphaned child. The smallest child in the film, Agnes, relates her desire for a mother in her life. In the real world, thousands of children echo that sentiment, waiting not only to be adopted but to become a part of a family.

Meet The Robinsons

While not as popular as some of the more giant films produced by the company, Disney's Meet the Robinsons features a 12 year old child named Lewis, who sadly admits that he's not sure he'll ever be adopted as he's turning 13 soon, and older kids ever rarely find a home.

Unfortunately, this isn't just a story added by Hollywood screenwriters-- statistics say that most couples who want to adopt want a baby, leaving the older children to stay within the orphanage or foster care system. Because of this, there are many teenagers who need the loving care of a wonderful family who will take them into their hearts and homes-- a reality of which Disney was quick to remind the world.

Talk an adoption agency like Global Adoption Services Incorporated in order to investigate the possibility of adding to your family, so that a child, like those mentioned above, can get the love and opportunities they need to succeed. 


22 December 2014

Adoption – Is It For You?

Hi! My name is Claire Lewis. My husband and I have three beautiful children, two of which are adopted. We always talked about having four kids; adoption became the avenue through which we were able to make it happen. Actually, almost happen because we've decided to stop at three. We signed up with the adoption agency, completed all forms and evaluations, and waited a year and a half for our daughter. During that time, we received a few notices about emergency placement needs. These were babies that came from situations that would likely make them special needs children. We turned those down the first time, but when it came to adopting the second time we didn't. Our youngest son is a special needs child whom we love and adore. I hope you’ll find some value in learning about different relationships.