3 Important Reasons To Prearrange Your Funeral

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Although the idea may feel troublesome, you know that prearranging your funeral service is the compassionate thing to do for people who love you. Nobody likes to think about his or her own future death, but death appears to be inevitable. Especially when individuals reach their senior years, it's thoughtful of them to prepay for funeral arrangements and to set forth plans for bodily remains. Consider three important reasons to arrange the service ahead of time.

Financial Considerations

When a person passes away and no funeral arrangements have been made ahead of time, the closest relatives are left to deal with paying for a service and a final resting place. Although money in your estate or a life insurance policy will cover these expenses, it may take time before the money is available. 

When you pay the funeral home ahead of time, nobody in your family has to worry about doing so when the time comes. In addition, you've locked in your price. You might live for 20 or 30 years after prepaying, and the costs of funeral services are likely to rise dramatically during that time. 

You Can Specify Preferences

If you have a definitive preference for cremation, burial or interment at a mausoleum, you can set up these arrangements. Perhaps you don't want a funeral with an open casket and prefer a simpler memorial service. By preplanning, you prevent uncertainty among your family members about what type of service you wanted. You help them avoid bickering about how the service should be handled if some of them disagree with each other. 

Managing the Practical Matters for Your Family

People who love you will grieve at your passing. It can be very difficult for them to deal with the practicalities of making funeral arrangements during this time. When you already have your wishes documented and the services paid for, your family only has to contact the funeral director like one from Krowicki Gorny Memorial Home to set those plans in motion. They then can spend more time comforting one another in a harmonious situation and talking about happy memories. 

Concluding Thoughts

When you preplan your own funeral or other type of service, you spare your family and friends some of the pain involved with their loss. You also are able to make these decisions according to your own preferences. You have the peace of mind knowing that you did everything to make the difficult time easier for the people who care deeply for you.


25 February 2015

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