How To Choose The Perfect Prom Dress Based On Your Body Type

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No matter your weight, height, or the way in which your curves are distributed, it's possible to find a prom dress that helps you look your best. Depending on the overall shape of your body, different styles of dresses and necklines may accentuate your best features and help everyone notice how gorgeous you are. You might be familiar with these 5 body types already: Hourglass, triangle (often called pear-shaped), oval (often called apple-shaped), inverted triangle, and rectangle.

Here's a list of information regarding each body type and what styles of dresses you should consider picking out:


An hourglass body type has a slimmer waist with shoulders and hips that are fairly equalized, creating a curved profile, similar to the shape of an hourglass.

Girls with hourglass bodies should accentuate their slimmer waistline by picking out a mermaid, trumpet, or A-line style prom dress. Dresses with built-in corsets also look quite exquisite on an hourglass figure. Low necklines like V-necks tend to work well. Strapless options also work well. Finally, accessorize your dress with a slim belt.


Triangle body types have wider hips than shoulders. This body type is commonly referred to as the "pear" type.

Girls with triangle body types should dress to accentuate and enhance their bust area and shoulders, drawing attention away from the hip area. A ball gown type of prom dress may be the best choice. Choose a fitted bodice and a full skirt which will draw attention to the upper areas of your body. Empire skirts and off-the-shoulder designs are also good since they draw attention upwards.


Oval body types are more rounded throughout the midsection. Often the oval body type is referred to as the "apple" shape.

Girls with oval body types should dress to draw attention away from their midsections and to other parts of the body. Empire dresses and A-line styles are a good fit for this body type, as well as short length styles such as tea-length and knee-length. Both of these will draw attention to your shapely legs. Low necklines like V-necks and sweetheart necklines are also both good.

Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle body types look just like an inverted triangle and tend to have larger shoulders, a larger bust, and a smaller hip width.

Girls with inverted triangle body types should dress to draw attention away from their wider shoulders and/or bust and to their lower half. A-line, ball gown, and empire style dresses are all good for this body type. A flared hem adds volume to the narrower hips. Dresses with wider shoulder straps are also recommended.


Rectangle body types look similar to a rectangle and are fairly equalized the whole way throughout without a lot of curve definition.

Girls with rectangle body types have a lot of options when it comes to which type of dress to wear. Ball gown, empire style, A-line, and mermaid all look good on this body type. Simply pair with a belt to accentuate the waist. Scoop necklines and V-necks are also good.

All bodies are beautiful, but by picking out a prom dress that matches your body type, you help others notice just how beautiful you are. Follow the above chart to find the perfect prom dress. If you're interested in finding out more, visit sites like


20 April 2015

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