Extreme Counseling: What To Do When Your Child Has Autism And Your Ex-Spouse Has Mental Illness

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There is almost as many diagnoses for mental illness in the United States today as there are diagnoses for autism. Therefore, it is not surprising when counselors encounter families that have both a child with autism and a family member with mental illness. If you have been ordered by the courts to share custody with your ex-spouse and he or she has a mental illness, your child will need some extreme family counseling at some point.

19 August 2015

3 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Medically Fragile Child

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Adoption of a medically fragile child comes with a lot of excitement, but also a lot of uncertainty. If you are considering bringing a medically fragile child into your home – and your heart – there are three major things you should consider when deciding what needs you can handle. Access to Medical Care Where you live will play a huge role when it comes to determining your access to medical care.

13 June 2015

How To Choose The Perfect Prom Dress Based On Your Body Type

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No matter your weight, height, or the way in which your curves are distributed, it's possible to find a prom dress that helps you look your best. Depending on the overall shape of your body, different styles of dresses and necklines may accentuate your best features and help everyone notice how gorgeous you are. You might be familiar with these 5 body types already: Hourglass, triangle (often called pear-shaped), oval (often called apple-shaped), inverted triangle, and rectangle.

20 April 2015

3 Important Reasons To Prearrange Your Funeral

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Although the idea may feel troublesome, you know that prearranging your funeral service is the compassionate thing to do for people who love you. Nobody likes to think about his or her own future death, but death appears to be inevitable. Especially when individuals reach their senior years, it's thoughtful of them to prepay for funeral arrangements and to set forth plans for bodily remains. Consider three important reasons to arrange the service ahead of time.

25 February 2015

Why You Should Consider Pregnancy Counseling

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According to the Guttmatcher Institute, approximately 6.6 million pregnancies occur annually in the United States.  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and it comes along with some of the greatest rewards an individual will ever experience, but it can also be stressful and emotionally exhausting.  If you are pregnant and facing challenges, pregnancy counseling may be a great option for you.  Read on to discover just some of what pregnancy counseling may be able to offer you.

12 January 2015

What Two Popular Movies Taught The World About Adoption

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Adoption is an important issue throughout the world, but the numbers are staggering right here in America. Right now as you read these words, an estimated 102,000 children are waiting to be adopted throughout the United States. Although most people are aware of adoption and the need for parents to step up to the plate by taking a child into their home, many (even couples who value adoption) often pursue the interest of having their own biological children first.

22 December 2014